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The Art of
Slicing Work

How to Navigate Unpredictable Projects


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Every organization inevitably deals with an ever-increasing amount of uncertainty. Working with it, instead of ignoring it or looking the other way, is the most important skill for managers of the 21st century: The Art of Slicing Work

This book is the condensed experience presented as easy-to-understand stories that will enlighten and inspire you to apply them with your team or in your whole organization.

Don’t let unpredictability derail productivity.

With The Art of Slicing Work, surprises are just another step in the process.

About the Author

Why I wrote this book

I observe many projects on the brink of failure, or at least wasting resources, because they overlook the key technique that has been pivotal in the agile software domain. This oversight is largely due to the valuable insights being obscured by technical jargon, making them inaccessible to those not versed in the language of software development.

Having personally experienced the transformative power of these techniques, I was inspired to share this knowledge widely. My mission is to make these insights accessible to everyone involved in organizing work.

After training and directly supporting thousands of managers, I decided to compile all the best explanations and tools in this book. To ensure broad applicability, I’ve enriched it with detailed, illustrated examples showcasing how to effectively slice work across diverse sectors: commercial, non-profit, and public.

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How this knowledge impacts organizations and people

Anton's book is beautifully written with real-world examples that will inspire you to think differently about the possible ways you can change the structure of your work and deliver value more quickly.

Howard Sublett

former CEO of Scrum Alliance Inc.

I was responsible for co-founding a new countrywide government institution in an environment of high volatility. Anton's knowledge helped me to set up more flexible and adaptable structures. I am glad to see it condensed into a book.

Katarina Peranić

Director of the German Foundation for Civic Engagement and Volunteer Work

(...) with this book, Anton is taking the essential piece of what we’ve been doing in software in the last twenty years, stripping it of all buzzwords, and explaining it in clear language that everyone can understand.

Olaf Lewitz

Trust Artist and Certified Enterprise Coach

Anton is a continuous source of inspiration and knowledge on organizing our work. Through his principles, we have learned to organize ourselves as an organization in such a way that we can much better and more quickly advocate for climate policies that assure a safer and more livable future.

Rosa Brandt

Co-Founder of the Future Matters Project

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